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Writing Steps

Pen, Writing, Letter.


Analyzing is the first step of the pre-writing stage that focuses on identifying main goals of a business message and effective presentation. Choice of sending written information is significant in expression efficiency improvement


Anticipate audience profiling and finding out to line up the message harmonizing to its recipients. Profiling the audience aids the writer to set up proper tone and terminology of the message.


To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man



Adapting calls for applying certain techniques to orient the message to the target audience. The words chosen to  properly contribute to an overall tone and can make the message appealing. One technique is to use the second person pronoun in the message to show focus on the receiver of the message and create empathy. Another technique to tune the content professional yet friendly is to use non-prejudicial wording so the message is free of gender, race, and age and disability biased.

Ethical Writing

Another important reason in business writing is to make the content ethical so to avoid future litigations. For example, in writing messages about stocks or financial services, it is important to follow the laws that protect investors. Similarly, marketing and sales messages should not be worded in a way that can deceive customers.


Revision is choosing of words, restructuring sentences and checking the flow of wording in the document. Thought Clarity, focused reporting, using correct language, written unity, and capability to use words to convey thoughts and information in a factual manner is important.

Our revision content and style will be business tailored, formal, and professional in terms of language and ideas presented in a novel manner which at the same time delivers the same meaning


Often the prepared business drafting may be loose and sketchy, lacking narration that holds the content logical. Or, it might be broad and general that all the close details that bring the content to life are missing. Or there are no transitions from one piece of content to another in the writing. Time and locations change without warning so when rereading even the writer gets lost. Dumb language or long, or twisted sentences or paragraphs that give the reader no place to rest. Also, repetition of words, dull or boring verbs, passive language, cliches, clumsy or wrong sentence, lack of clarity, lack of rhythm and logic. All this writing needs revision and rewriting

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