Do You Know Business Development Gives You A Broader Perspective?

Do you know business development gives a three dimensional perspective on your business growth? Learning more about business development helps give you a wider perspective about how to grow your company, no matter what role you play in it.

It is teamwork

The goal of business development is to help you grow, or expand your business in whatever and whichever expansion is most important to you at a particular time. Everyone in your firm can contribute in one way or the other to the business growth. And you should know how people from various departments can help. In fact, it is like a dove net story for teamwork. Everyone in the team contributes their bit so that business can grow.

“When a huge net fell over a flock of doves that flew in search of food, they decided to fly up together clutching the net in their beaks as they realised in teamwork. Each dove picked up a portion of the huge net and they flew up together, carrying the net with them. The hunter was surprised to see the birds flying, along with the huge net.”
–       The Doves and the Hunter

Employees typically keep moving in and out of other sections of the organisation to business development. Managers are commonly tasked with facilitating its development with all its core elements.

Misunderstandings and Issues

Employees need not confuse and misunderstand business development with marketing. Marketing is driven by development strategies. Also, do not confuse business growth with business development. The latter contributes to the farmer.

Another issue is that businesses tend to go through brief periods of growth punctuated by flat or even declining revenue. Smaller and medium businesses may face severe hardship as a result of this variation. Therefore, strong strategies can help mitigate the risks.

In the same way, when a company’s growth halts, a strategy that worked previously to generate new business is unlikely to work now. If this pattern keeps repeating, you will find some things don’t make sense to do today while others may make more sense sometimes in the future.

Prioritise your tasks

As a manager or owner, plan for growth first before attempting business development. Growth essentially means generating revenues in the initial phase. For this, prioritise your tasks or managing employees with unique abilities. Because of the high cost of talented people in every role, you may not be able to afford them in the early stages of your business. You must multitask until you reach a certain point in your growth.

Along the way, if you are the owner of the business, you must learn to sell effectively, customer relations and manoeuvre negotiations. Also, understand basics of marketing, and working partnerships.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

You should also know in which business tasks you are good at, so that you need to leave the other tasks to others good at them to perform. It is always good to know your strengths and weaknesses, and when to get help from right quarters to reach your goals.

Try to interact with other business owners or leaders to learn from their experiences, failures, and successes. This way, you can prepare yourself to handle unforeseen events and failures to turn around. Then only, you will be ready to improvise how to continue doing business successfully.

Three dimensional views on business development

Perhaps you may be an aspirant business leader or owner that wants to expand your business but is unsure how to do so. Maybe business development is a mystery to you. That is not the case. It is about understanding strategies, tactics and using them to grow your business. It is all about selling and marketing, customer engagement and management, and managing trading partners.

Business development includes all the above functions. It also includes, to name a few; expanding the existing business to manufacture capacity; adding new lines of related or aligned products or services, as the case may be; diversifying into new business unrelated to your existing one; expanding geographically to new areas.

A three dimensional perspective on your Business development
A three dimensional perspective on your Business development

If you ever think that business development is just sales, change your mind. A lack of concern for what the customer needs is the most common issue with business development.

Spice up

As previously stated, business development needs collaboration and teamwork. As a result, if you implement any of the practises, make certain to notify those who need to involve. Acknowledge the significance of participation and how everyone can add value.

Hopefully, you will spice up the way you approach business development. How you conduct your business development is how you determine whether or not you succeed at running a company; most importantly, how you do it identifies whether or not you win.


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