Business needs various types of Agreements or MOUs, presentations, proposals, technical writing important documents, and correspondence

It requires a meticulous plan and technical knowledge to prepare these documents. Most often organizations depend heavily on legal luminaries to prepare such documents. The legally qualified persons may not be versed in commercial knowledge that is essential to prepare an Agreement / MOU. On the other hand,  if many legal clauses are incorporated in Agreement / MOU, the entrepreneur finds it difficult to implement the Agreement / MOU. Though legal clauses are necessary at the same time the agreement / MOU needs to be prepared with practical and customized viability

We can assist in preparing customized and legally sound Business Agreement / MOU for your business needs. These documents can be for sales, marketing, joint venture, tie-up, export, import, distribution, procurement, C&F, funding, and any such specific function as needed for business functions like such as:

Sale of Goods & Hire Purchase Agreements- Settlement Agreements-Sole Selling, Agency and Distribution Agreements- Consulting Agreements-Sales & Marketing Agreements-Service Agreements-Agency agreements -consultancy agreement- data processor agreements – distribution agreements  – manufacturing agreements – product supply agreements – publishing agreements – reseller agreements – services agreements – software development agreements – software licenses -sponsorship agreements – terms of business – web development, hosting and maintenance agreements- Arbitration Agreements – Business Separation Agreements-Franchise Agreements- Joint Ventures and Foreign Collaboration Agreements -Manufacturing & Supply Agreement – R&D Agreements.

The above are only examples, but not limited.


  • Ram

    Ram, the author of "Business Development: Perspectives" on Amazon Kindle, has a wealth of experience in business development across multiple industries. He has over 30 years of experience in commodities, FMCG, and software industries, and has held various leadership positions in these sectors. In the commodities and FMCG industries, Ram served as GM of Business Development for southern India, where he successfully established new businesses and expanded existing ones. In the software industry, he was Regional Director of Business Development for Asia, where he was responsible for expanding the company's presence in the region. Ram has a proven track record of turning around loss-making ventures and establishing successful businesses. Ram has also served as the Director of Industry Partnerships and IT Blog editor at a software company, showcasing his expertise in technology and industry partnerships.

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