Have You Got Online and Digital marketing plan in place?


Are you one of the businesses that have no prioritised digital plan for integrated online marketing? Is it intriguing to know where you want to start to develop a strategy for your online and digital marketing?

Know key objectives of Online and digital marketing

Digital marketing is a targeted interactive marketing of services or products by adopting various digital technologies to reach customers and retain them and convert leads into more customers. Therefore,  promoting brands, building preferences and increasing sales by different digital marketing techniques are key objectives of online marketing using the internet as a core promotional medium. Activities of digital marketing are search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, content automation, content marketing, e-commerce marketing, email campaigns, social media marketing, display advertising and such other digital media. Digital media marketing extends also to such digital media as mobile phones. Digital marketing is essentially customer centric and inbound marketing centric.

Don’t be directionless

You need strategically clear goals to strengthen deeper business relations with existing customers as well as attracting new customers online through digital marketing. And reaching those goals, needs adequate resources and evaluating analytics to know your online market share. For this do the research to understand the marketplace for your online business and to know the customer demand for online services. The dynamics can be different for different profiles of customer types and competitors and marketing communication options.  Without resorting to ad-hoc approach, you have to plan carefully for allocating your resources adequately for digital marketing with clear-cut strategies least you will lose your online marketing initiatives to your competitors.

Know your online customers well enough

Digital marketing is measurable. Such web analytic tools as Google Analytics can provide your site visitor quantitative data and behavior, but does not give site visitor feedback and customer sentiments. You need also to employ such site visitor feedback tools like Opinion Labs, a paid service or free tools like 4Q Survey for analysing your site visitor feedback. Digital media is known to work well when it is integrated with responsive channels as well as traditional channels.

Optimise your digital marketing efforts

 All businesses having a website with analytics should ensure to review the analytics and act upon them to strategise their online and digital marketing efforts. You also need to undertake similar activities. Once you get the basics right, you can strive to improve continuously the key aspects such as social media marketing, email marketing, website visitor experience, search marketing and search engine optimisation by a planned approach.

If you don’t have an online and digital marketing plan in place for your business, do develop it to not only float in the competition but also for your business growth.


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