Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business

It is Driving Force for Traffic

The mere presence of a business website is not sufficient unless it is capable of attracting traffic. Presence of your business on social media works as referrals to your website. Though search engines and SEO drive traffic, they will be greatly influenced by your presence on social media

It is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Enabler

Your daily social media activities can influence SEO optimization, as your social media updates go to search engines. Using such social media as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for your business enhances your SEO optimization which can help drive more traffic to your website.

It Helps Create Positive engagement

Social media enables positive and responsive interactive engagement between users and brands quickly and freely. This can lead to your business reputation as brands become personal roles of your business by carrying a positive conversation with the customers.

It Helps in Brand Identification

Social networks greatly assist giving a product or service a particular image or brand identification. For the majority of businesses, social media presence has become increasingly important than their website because of this reason.

Reachable to Mobile Marketing

Mobile is the social media forefront, as most social media interactions take place through mobile phones. People tend to spend most of the internet time on mobiles checking their social media activities. Plan accordingly your marketing strategy as it is important and not ignorable social media marketing activity.

Reach into personal target market

With Facebook interactions and Twitter tweets you get insight to see what your customers are saying about your brands or services so to align your marketing efforts. You can respond to their suggestions and problems promptly.

Catch up with the competition

Your competitors may be already present on many social media, so you need to catch up with them in order  at least to know what your competitors’ are up to.

Respond to messages

People do not perceive social media as marketing machines. They would like to see what you say on social media rather than see your advertisements and respond to your messages.

Drive more sales for you

Your presence on social media gives you the opportunity to offer incentives to customers for buying. You can find new customers also.

To put it aptly the importance of social media for marketing is a level playing field, so start using social media, if not done already.


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