Marketing Partners for Core Insurance Software

It is my privilege to write to you to express our desire to associate with you in marketing our insurance solutions

H Solutions Pvt Ltd, a value-driven process-oriented organization, is a developer of enterprise-level core insurance software solutions necessary for life Insurers and Reinsurers to manage their business process.

ISO certified for quality and security of the solutions, we offer 4 core insurance solutions – Life Reinsurance Administration System, Policy Admin system for Life Insurance, Policy Admin system for Group insurance, and Policy Admin system for Microinsurance. Apart from that Hansa has Workflow, Rule Engine, Document Management System, Enterprise Bus, and several other peripheral systems. We are looking for Marketing Partners.

 Why choose to become our Marketing Partner?    

Backed by leading life Insurance and Reinsurance giants, we have become the market leader in India in providing insurance solutions within a short period with 90% of life insurers in India using our solutions. GIC Re appreciated our capability to deliver solutions rapidly to integrate into their policy administration system. Without changing GIC’s current system, we gave a speedy risk assessment and reporting solution. There are many such accolades from our clients.

We have also stepped into the Global Market with some clients in Hong Kong and Bangladesh to start with. The solutions are so dynamic that they sold with referrals so far in India.

Our feature-rich and integrated comprehensive software offers solutions to insurers to gain the business value of investments in core modernization. Our software aids in lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational costs and reassures lower productivity losses. Our software is scalable in size, number, and workload, ensures hassle-free implementation in less time, easy to understand, user-friendly, and needs less training period.

We also commit a large share of our revenue in R&D to build up to strengthen our products according to the market needs.  Our insurance software aids clients to improve their operations and revenue, save money and time. We need clients to be successful in their businesses, as their success is our success. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on improving usability, making implementation faster and less expensive. We believe in offering what customer needs.

As part of our expansion plans to enter new markets, we are looking for marketing partners who may be able to generate leads and help close deals. The business relationship can be discussed according to your comfort level with attractive terms.

Pl write to us for further information.

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