Why are good manners important in network communication?

Communication over a network takes the form of social networking sites, blogs, forums, SMS, and mail, etc. The ethics of network communication begins with the main rules that you should not use without intruding on your interlocutor. Let’s look at them.

Why Manners Matter for Network Communication
Why Manners Matter for Network Communication

Almost every modern person spends more than one hour of his life in internet correspondence.

Network communication rules

  1. When you receive a new message, let the other person know that you have received and read it.
  2. It is inappropriate to display correspondence with other people publicly. The user who sent you the message probably did not expect to mock the sent phrase.
  3. The recommendation is not to write exclusively in letters.. In electronic communication, it can lead to unpleasant associations with superficial and tacky people. The exception is only shouting. For the same reason, do not always rotate uppercase letters with lowercase letters.
  4. Write competitively. Try not to use transliteration unless absolutely necessary.
  5. The culture of your network communication allows people to tell a lot about you. It is not appropriate to respond emotionally to aggression and ridicule. People who write such messages, at times, make a special effort to take their peers out on their own. Do not give such pleasure, take good care.
  6. Do not leave messages unanswered – if you want to end a conversation, report it. It was realized that prolonged silence would be ignored.
  7. Try to be transparent and honest in your statements. Do not distort information about yourself, thereby deceiving others.
  8. Try not to spam – it is better to use other tools in providing information.

A quick note

It is no different from the usual communication; it is recommended to behave like in everyday life during a conversation on the social network. Knowledge of the etiquette of network communication will help you convey communication information and its meaning.


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