Edited a book script on cybersecurity

book editing on cubersecurity
book editing on cubersecurity

We edited one script of the book on cybersecurity titled “Building an Apocalyptic Bunker”. The script has five chapters, 30514 words, and 84 pages.  The author wanted to maintain the technical words without altering them in editing.

Here is the chapter 1 unedited and edited for comparison. The unedited script has 1493 words. The edited script has 1374 words.

The author’s comment on the edited script is reproduced here.

“I have gone through the edits of the chapter one. Thank you for the update. I have some observation. 

– I have some observation;

Some word being changed makes it complicated. For example, I have written “The Chairman  Mr Kazuyoshi Tanaka conceived” and you changed it to Mr. Kazuyoshi Tanaka designed. The difference here is generally a Chairman will never design a strategy, he can only conceive or visualize. So we have to be careful otherwise looks ok to me.”

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