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How the market place works
How the market place works

I was associated with a US based technology company as a freelance writer and editor for about four and a half years. This company’s platform includes experts across a very wide array of data and analytics skills for hire. Wrote on 548 technologies in the desired style for this kind of writing on the individual technologies discussing briefly the problem a technology solves. Then mentioned how freelancers can help with the particular technology and ended the entry by asking the reader to hire a freelancer for the technology. Since we cannot reproduce all 548 entries, here are some links to see.

Blockchain Networking Freelancers

Amazon QuickSight Freelancers

IBM SystemML Machine Learning Framework Freelancers

Docker Freelancers

Google Compute Engine Freelancers

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Freelancers

Here is the list of 548 technologies. It can also be seen here.

After the above project, I became a writer and editor of the Blog section of the company for about four and a half years. While as an Editorial Team member, I wrote many blogs on technology topics; I have collected about 2200 technology blogs from many technology professionals across the world. These professionals include some Universities Professors, chairpersons, Managing Directors, CEOs, VPs, Authors, editors of technology magazines, Forbes council members, and many more.

Collectively, these blogs amount to approximately 2300 posts. I have published these blogs on the company’s blog pages using WordPress CMS. The work included editing images, videos, graphics, tables, and other media work, formatting, preparing author profiles, and linking them to their respective blogs.

I have also put the links to these blogs on the company’s social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn every day.

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