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Auto insurance guide
Auto insurance guide

Web content for an insurance aggregator

 Easypolicy, an insurance aggregator entrusted us with writing web content for Car Insurance. Some of the topics covered were In 2017:

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1What is Car insurance?
2Types of car insurance
3Car wheeler insurance plans available ( insurer wise)
4Key benefits and features of Car insurance
5Why is it necessary to compare car Insurance online
6difference between Comprehensive & Liability only covers
7What are Add on/ Optional covers in Car Insurance
8How to calculate Car insurance premium
9What is the need for Car Insurance
10Car claim procedure
11Documents required for Car Insurance claims
12Documents required for buying Car Insurance
13Top 10 Car insurance companies
14List of Car Insurance companies
15What are the factors affecting premium of Car Insurance
16Car  Insurance FAQs
17Is it safe to buy Car Insurance online
18What are the best online Car Insurance plans’
19What are the best Offline Car Insurance plans
20What is the difference between cashless claim and reimbursement
21Most effective ways to avoid your claim rejection by Insurers
22Myths of Car Insurance
23What are the claim settlement ratio/Incurred claim ratio of all the GI companies for Car/Motor insurance?
24What is the right IDV(Insured Declared value) for my Car?
25What if garage near you doesn’t fall in the network list of your Insurer while making a claim?
26useful TIPs to buy Car Insurance
27Important terminologies of Car Insurance
28What if I don’t claim during entire policy tenure
29What are the post sales services after buying Car Insurance
30Is Car insurance from govt company better than private insurers?
31Most effective ways to reduce the premium of Car insurance
32E-Insurance account and its benefits
33Does a cheaper premium a guarantee of best Insurance Plan
34Car Insurance statistics in Indian Economy
35What are the exclusions in the Car insurance policy
36Dos and Donts while buying Car Insurance online
37Benefits of renewing your Car insurance policy on time
38How much penalty do I need to pay in case my Car is not insured or my insurance has expired?
39What is a cover note? Is it a valid insurance document?
40What is break in renewal policy?
41Can I pay premium for more than 1 year at one go?
42IS PUC (Pollution Under control) check mandate for Car Insurance? What are the penalties if one don’t have this?
43Pollution related statistics in India
Motor insurance topics

Easypolicy also wanted content on the following topics:

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1Insurer wise car and two wheeler insurance plans
2Top 10 Car insurance companies
3List of Car Insurance companies
4Car  Insurance FAQs
5Claim settlement ratio/Incurred claim ratio of all the GI companies for Car/Motor insurance
6Important terminologies of Car Insurance
7Car Insurance statistics in Indian Economy
8Pollution related statistics in India
9Emerging Future of Vehicle Telematics Insurance in India
Other insurance topics

Following are the written content for the above topics for Easypolicy web:

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