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Our company, XYZ Pvt. Ltd. is a maker of core insurance software for Insurers and Reinsurers for managing their end-to-end business. Our software engineers own extensive experience in developing and managing large Insurance IT applications and services in real time.

Our flagship offerings are core insurance software for Life, General, and  Reinsurance streams. Built on Java Enterprise Web Application Development, and Service-Oriented Architecture with high security features, they support many languages and many currencies. They are customizable, scalable, and can integrate easily with any third-party applications. We have many clients in India, Nepal, and some African countries.

Why choose our core insurance software products?

  1. Our software aids in lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational costs.

In today’s uncertain times, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational costs becomes important. IT budgets mostly account for about 70% of administrative costs. Our core insurance software is cost-effective. Built on Java and Microsoft SQL database platform, it lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) and total costs significantly. The Microsoft database platform reduces server hardware costs. A mission critical Microsoft SQL Server database is important to reduce the customer service interruption (downtime) leading to revenue loss. The measurable employee productivity losses are found to be significantly  lower by 57%.  Tuning and problem resolution time allowed for Microsoft databases is almost 18% against about 33% for other databases.

  1. Our software is scalable in size, number and workload

As companies keep on using more applications to improve customer services, it is important they select technologies, scalable in workload, number and size. The customer case studies revealed the companies are capable to grow easily with SQL server database to adapt to workload increases.

  1. Implementation and Training

Our user-friendly  software ensures trouble free implementation in less time. Easy to understand, it needs less training period that is valuable to an insurer.

  1. We need clients to be successful, as their success is our success

We listen and respect client feedback, and consider while improving the existing features or adding new features. We also commit large share of our revenue in R&D to build up new products, which we feel insurers like. We need client success  as their success is our success.

Value Addition to Your Insurance Business

 No wonder, with so many values, our Reinsurance software, had beaten the stiff competition from reputed big players from Europe and the US. It has become the preferred choice for Africa Re, the largest Re-insurer with operations over 40 countries. Recently, our General Insurance software replaced General insurance software of a UK based reputed seller in NICE, a Government Company. I am sure our core insurance software can add value to your business too and enable improved services to your customers. Do not hesitate to ask us to clarify your questions. We will arrange an on-line demonstration for your understanding and evaluation. You may suggest a suitable time to call you over the phone to take it further.

We look forward to hear from you


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