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ISO certified for quality and security of the solutions, we offer 4 core insurance solutions – Life Reinsurance Administration System, Policy Admin system for Life Insurance, Policy Admin system for Group insurance, and Policy Admin system for Microinsurance. Apart from that, we have Workflow, Rule Engine, Document Management System, Enterprise Bus, and several other peripheral systems.

In India, 90% of Life Insurance companies implemented ReNova – Life Reinsurance Administration System in a remarkable time span making it the market leader. The architecture of ReNova is flawless because it has been made a generic product and successfully implemented in 22 companies. We delivered this product without doing any customization to any of the 22 clients, and it is compatible with Reinsurer inputs (Swiss-Re, Munich-Re, RGA-Re, GIC-Re). It is an Easy Plug-in and integrates with any Policy Admin Systems without replacing the existing legacy system.

No programming dependency for product configuration. The administrator can configure business rules with wizards. Configuring Treaty and rules are made simple. Facultative Underwriting tracking and control system.  The system is fully automated with Zero Time-lag in Cession Processing and full Control on Facultative Business, Easy Integration with Policy Admin System and Database Independent System. Dedicated Resources are not required. Also, the reinsurance database can be maintained on any kind of the desired system, right from MS Access to RDBMS. The architecture of the database is so flexible that it can be customized to the requirements of any system.

Accounting and Book-Keeping are inherited with the System. Accommodates various Reinsurance types (Quota Share, Surplus Share, Proportional, Non-Proportional Share, Risk Premium, Multilayer Ceding, etc.,). The Complex New Business process is made easy with a Wizard. Renewal Business is performed in a jiffy. Supports Net Premium based Formulae, Cash Flow-based, Gross Premium (Upload), and Reserve Factor based SAR computations. It is an Easy Plug-in and integrates into any Policy Admin Systems. Claim Settlement and Tracking with Reinsurer is made easy.

Our solutions are cost effective. If you are looking for any life insurance software, I will be glad to arrange a demo for you to assess your suitability. Thank you for your cooperation and have a wonderful day.

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