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New Confectionery and Snacks Trends Unveiled

 New confectionery trends for the 2010/2011 include:

  • Chocolate-Covered Everything-America’s love for chocolate cannot be stopped as manufacturers look for more and more delicious treats to cover with chocolate. Look for chocolate-covered products that include crunchy, salted, cookie dough, cookie and marshmallow centres.
  • Twisted Traditions-New twists on classic candies are beloved by consumers who find comfort in familiar brands but want to try new and innovative ways to enjoy their favourite snacks. Look for classic candies to feature bite-sized offerings, coffee and caramel flavours, and intense and unique flavours.
  • Up in the Air-Snacking practically takes flight as these awesome aerated confections or lighter than air treats hit the shelves. Think tantalizing truffle sitting on a subtle airy crisp layer of meringue enrobed in velvety chocolate or aerated, fluffy gummy in flavours like watermelon and pineapple.
  • REAL Good-Today’s consumer focus on natural and wholesome ingredients has not gone unnoticed by the confectionery and snack industry. Look for tasty goodies are all-natural, low sodium, GMO-free, no trans fats, no preservatives, dairy free, gluten free, low calorie and low sugar. Also look for treats made with real fruit juice and all natural colours and flavours such as blueberry, raspberry, goji berry and cloudberry.
  • The Galloping Gourmet-Snacks and confections are little pleasures to be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle. Think flavour combinations of sweet and salty, chocolate blends and sugar-coated concoctions.
  • Fresh-N-Fruity-Bursting on the scene with fresh and powerful flavours are candies and gums in show-stopping varieties. Think new and intense flavours with unique textures.
  • Dark and Dreamy-Dark chocolate has been increasing in popularity for years and new product introductions have played a big part in the expansion of the category.

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Innovative Snacks and Confectionery Products to be Launched in US Market

Chocolate manufacturers intend to coat more number of treats with chocolates considering American consumers’ undying fondness for chocolates. Chocolate covered treats with marshmallow, cookie, cookie dough, salty and crunchy centers are set to be launched in the US market. Consumers who prefer familiar brands but are open to new flavors are fond of classic candies with new flavors. In order to address the needs of such consumers, manufacturers are planning to launch classic candies with unique and intense flavors, caramel and coffee flavors and bite-sized offerings.

Taking innovation to a new high, manufacturers are launching delectable aerated confections or products, which are lighter than air threats in the market. Fluffy gummy in pineapple and watermelon flavors and truffles made to be positioned on a crisp meringue layer covered with smooth chocolate are few such products. Confectionery and snack manufacturers are in the process of launching completely natural, trans-fat free, GMO-free, preservative-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, low sugar, low calorie, and low sodium products considering consumers’ preference for nutritious and natural ingredients. Delicacies with natural flavors and colors such as cloudberry, goji berry, raspberry, and blueberry and real fruit juices are also set to be launched in the market. Targeting the health-conscious customers, manufacturers are focusing on launching confections and snacks in salty and sweet flavor combinations, concoctions with sugar-coating and chocolate blends. Gums and candies with unique flavors and textures are also being launched in the market. Consumer interest in dark chocolates rose considerably in the past and new products played a key role in expanding the segment


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