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The growth stage of applied AI and MLOps

Image credit: 123RF Applied artificial intelligence tops the list of 14 most influential technology trends in McKinsey & Company’s “Technology ...
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Humans and AI

Humans and AI: Problem finders and problem solvers

Humans and AI Humans are problem finders, and AIs are problem solvers. AI is an extension instead of a replacement ...
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Artificial intelligence optimizes the use of customer data

How artificial intelligence optimizes the use of customer data

Artificial intelligence optimizes the use of customer data AI algorithms are able to ingest and analyze data at super-fast rates ...
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The AI Advantage explores

The AI Advantage: Is your business ready for artificial intelligence?

The AI Advantage explores AI does offer a lot of business value. Products and processes will be made somewhat better ...
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A gentle introduction to model-free and model-based reinforcement learning

mouse-maze-reinforcement-learning-Image credit: 123RF (with modifications) Reinforcement learning is one of the exciting branches of artificial intelligence. It plays an important role in ...
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Interpretable AI

Introducing you to the world of Interpretable AI

Interpretable AI Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant advances in the last five years. This is especially true in domains ...
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A framework for enterprise AI adoption

Demystifying-AI-for-the-Enterprise Welcome to AI book reviews, a series of posts that explore the latest literature on artificial intelligence. While there ...
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Neuro-symbolic AI brings us closer to machines with common sense

neuro-symbolic-AI-common-sense This article is part of our coverage of the latest in AI research. Artificial intelligence research has made great ...
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15 Useful Basic Internet Terms You Need to Know

15 Useful Basic Internet Terms You Need to Know

15 Useful Basic Internet Terms You Need to Know There are fifteen basic internet terms that every web savvy person ...
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Fourth industrial revolution on futuristic hud with world map globe

Is Your Company Prepared For The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Here is more information to help you understand the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the benefit of your company. The tsunami ...
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