Sure ways to create Word-of-mouth Publicity For Free 


One of the best ways of marketing for businesses with tight budgets is word-of-mouth publicity, because it only takes time to start working. Simply said, word-of-mouth advertising happens when customers recommend your goods to their friends and relatives.

“word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions”

McKinsey & Company

Word-of-mouth Publicity is beneficial for two different reasons. The first reason is that it is free advertising, and the second one is it is credible.

Here, take a look at some of the easiest methods to attract free word-of-mouth promotion for your company.

5 easy ways to make word of mouth publicity.
5 easy ways to make word of mouth publicity.

1 Making press releases

A press release is just a news statement that is given to the media informing them of a noticeable activity or special event that they would be interested in reporting. Often, a marketing firm distributes news releases for their clients as part of their duty. You can also send out such press releases to the relevant media like television, newspaper, radio, and industry publications.

Newspapers, radio stations, and even television networks often publish a report on a new product or significant event. The primary need is that it shouldn’t look like an advertisement, but rather a story of universal interest that raises awareness of your business. It is important to keep in mind that the media requires interesting stories and they constantly look for content that can attract their audience.

For example, you might issue a news release when your company achieves a milestone, such as completing 10 years in the business. It can be on an occasion like constructing a new premise or factory, winning an award, or getting your industry recognition. You may win a prestigious contract, a celebrity might visit your place, or you might have sponsored a charity. You can release a press statement on such events as also on launching a new product or a service.

Send Press statement in advance

Make your news stories brief, not exceeding 250 words, and include copies of important flyers and other supporting materials. If there is an event, it is better to send out such a press statement as early as possible to give the various media outlets time to arrange their stories.

Include such information as when the event happens and its significance. Also, include the name of the official to contact with his direct contact information for further information and organising photo opportunities. 

Whenever you get an opportunity, take advantage of it to organise a press release. So, maintain friendly and cordial relations with local media to create free word-of-mouth publicity for your business.

2 Take an opportunity to become a winner

You may win if you put in the effort to enter awards competitions for your specific industry. Your company’s profile will rise as an award winner, which you can publicise as a result. Customers will assume that your company must be successful if it receives awards. Since it can take effort to fill out applications and submit entries, most firms choose not to. However, once you’ve created one entry, you can tweak it and submit it for future awards as well as hoping to win one.

Such free advertising value of the publicity and reputation is worth much more than spending on an advertisement. Even if you don’t win a prize right away, you may eventually. When a potential consumer compares your businesses with competitors and discovers that you won a prize while the other did not, you, as the winner, are unquestionably at an advantage.

Make sure to notify everyone if you win. Place the certificates in a visible location on the wall of your reception room or visitors’ room. Include them in any marketing materials you send to prospective clients, and make sure you always use the qualifier “Award Winning” in your promotions. Your employees feel proud. Everyone likes a winner, so your customers will catch on to this.

3 Exposures through radio station/TV stations

You may typically get some free exposure for your goods and services if you are proactive in the community and have a good relationship with the local radio/TV stations. Free exposure typically just requires a small amount of effort. TV and radio are a fantastic way to get the word spread out about your message.

Businesses can also offer to provide a complimentary weekly radio programme. For instance, as a business consultant, you could approach the local TV or radio station to host a quick call-in session where company owners could voice their concerns. Hopefully, you can provide some helpful suggestions. This way, your company receives exposure, and the radio/TV station piques the attention of a potential new market segment.

Businesses like accounting firms offering financial advice, and doctors discussing various ailments, are just a few examples of those that could really benefit from this kind of relationship.

4 Request for referrals

Happy customers are the best form of word-of-mouth publicity a company could ever have. You might ask them to tell their friends and family about your business. However, occasionally they need someone to remind them to spread the word. Most people are really devoted and glad to do so.

Instead of asking customers to refer your company to a specific individual, you may increase word-of-mouth marketing by simply asking them to do so. This is more crucial for companies whose operations rely heavily on walk-in customers. If the customer expresses dissatisfaction, you have the chance to find out why and respond before you lose them forever. Consumer concerns should be taken seriously, and any grievances should be settled in a quick, polite, and professional manner.

5 Actively engaging social communities

Additionally, you can encourage word-of-mouth advertising by creating a close-knit social group. You can create an online community by encouraging conversation, having competitions, arranging occasions (online and offline), and starting loyalty initiatives.

A certain level of exclusivity is necessary for the growth of a close-knit group. A community is formed by both those who are and are not included in the group. This doesn’t mean you should bar the door right away, but need to strike a balance. You wish to open to everyone, yet you only embrace a select few. Your community should generally target a specific demographic rather than trying to appeal to everyone.

Word-of-mouth publicity is the power of your influence!

Although word-of-mouth advertising is a potent strategy, some firms find it difficult to use. Excellent customer service, a distinctive identity, a strong reputation, and a flourishing community are necessary to get customers passionate about your products or services. Above all, prioritise your consumers’ needs and go above and beyond to fulfill your promises. By surprising customers with your excellence, you can be sure that they will tell everyone they know about your company.


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