How to Write Authentic Copy That Makes Skyrocket Sales – Part 1

write authentic copy
Copywriting that makes Skyrocket Sales

How to Write Authentic Copy That Makes Skyrocket Sales runs into two parts. This is part 1.  Read part 2 here. Read other articles on copywriting here.

How to write authentic copy that makes skyrocket sales look knotty and an overstatement? Let me explain how to write authentic copy meant. Authentic is conforming to fact and, thus, worthy of belief. In the end, evidence is more persuasive than anything else. Provide the reader with compelling reasons with proof to follow your logic. Your reader becomes powerless to disagree with you.

Persuasive copy with evidence makes relentless customer persuasion

So, persuasive copywriting, backed up with evidence, transforms your readers into buyers. And chances are that your sales can literally skyrocket. But evidence and proof alone do not convince a buyer. Your copywriting needs to influence the emotions of a buyer to change the way he perceives your product and thereby motivate him to buy. Emotions play a significant role in how people decide. Emotions and feelings are synonymous with your purpose as a copywriter, though they are different for neuroscientists.

Logical copywriting

And we attribute rationality to our ability to make decisions based on emotions. We have a great capacity to accept reasons on logical explanations full of information and data. Almost all of us use this reasoning to even buying the cheapest product. So, information leads to analysis.

When you write a copy, it is important for you to identify the single emotion that primarily fits your sales pitch best. Emotion leads to action. And you want your reader to act. The six primary emotions are surprise, happiness, disgust, sadness, anger, and fear. Of these, four are difficult to bear or endure.

Surely, we buy nothing blindly, just based on emotions. We need information. Information rationalises our decision and that, in turn, is reinforced by emotions. For example, we do not select a fridge or a car or insurance without having enough information; for that matter, any product or any service. We need the information to analyse and compare one brand with another. 

We normally attribute luxuries like buying a car and going on vacations as emotional buys, and decisions such as schools to our reasoning. When you have the option of buying the same product from two brands with the same price and same functions, you choose the one that appeals to your feelings or taste, which is emotional, for example, color choice and attributes.

write authentic copy
The art and science of great copy

Empathetic copywriting

There are two techniques to apply in writing your copy. One is about applying influencing psychology, which is the role played by emotions. The second one is your copy’s voice, tone, and style, which create a psychological impact on the reader.

Writing your copy pleasurable and easier to read makes a great psychological impact on the emotions of your readers. 

The secret lies in knowing the techniques and being able to practice them effortlessly while exercising judgment at all times, which is the key to success. This is not something you can learn theoretically, but must be learned on the job and figured out for yourself.

Get your readers’ attention by engaging their emotions

You must captivate your reader’s emotions in order to have them believe what you are saying. Using emotions will help you connect with your reader. It is not manipulating them or controlling them. Understand that you cannot compel your readers to do things they do not want to do.

It is more important to get them to feel that it is a good idea rather than creating the impression that you are forcing it on them.

How do engage readers’ emotions precisely? Inadvertently, do not put your emotions into the copy. 

It’s time to get to the really tricky part of evoking an emotional reaction from the reader. To evoke emotions, do not use superlatives such as incredible, amazing, etc. in sales promotions. It is actually much more damaging for salespeople to use such exclamations. You can use adjectives to emphasise and give information. For example, words such as ‘enhances your beauty, evoke customer emotions to feel more attractive or beautiful. You can mention phrases such as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a special offer for a short time Rs.1 offer, and the likes in your copy. These words imply shortage or exclusivity, which will elicit an emotional response from your reader.


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